Transtherm Air Blast Coolers | Dry Cooling

Transtherm’s Air Blast Coolers, also known as Dry Air Coolers, are being widely used in commercial and industrial cooling applications. Single units can provide capacities from 5KW to 4,000KW and to within 3°C of the prevailing ambient temperature all year round.

  • Designs available from billions of options
  • Eco-design of  energy related products


  • Bespoke design - various coil and fan technologies to suit low, medium and high temperature applications
  • Multiple cooler orientations - full and ½V, horizontal and vertical flatbed designs
  • Eco-design of energy related products - using ErP compliant products, Transtherm Air Blast Coolers comply with latest requirements
  • Independently certified acoustic data - transtherm work with expert acousticians to offer clear and concise data
  • WiFi - Compatible for communication around the world with standard WiFi or optional 3G controls