Transtherm Adiabatic Coolers | Adiabatic Cooling

Adiabatic coolers are a modern alternative to traditional cooling towers, involving significantly lower maintenance and OPEX.

  • Modern, low risk alternative to hybrid and traditional cooling towers
  • UV sterilisations as standard
  • Developed in conjunction with British Health & Safety Executive


Low Legionella Risk - No ongoing chemical treatment or registration with local authorities required

Extremely Energy Efficient - Variable speed EC and AC fan technology – typically only 25% of traditional fan energy usage

Minimal water consumption - Less than 4% of Hybrid Cooling Tower and less than 1% of traditional Cooling Tower water usage

FULLY BUILT AND PRE-COMMISSIONED - Minimal Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance requirement

IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS) - Compatible for communication around the world with standard WiFi or optional 3G controls