MOTORTECH DetCon Detonation Control System

MOTORTECH DetCon Detonation Control System

Once the controller detects soft detonation on one of the sensors (this is a specific stage before real detonation occurs), several steps will take place:

  • Alarm signal turns on
  • Ignition retard by 0 to 5 V or 4 to 20 mA analog output.
  • If this action does not cure the detonation, the load reduction output will be activated.
  • If the load drop does not stop the engine from detonating the engine STOP output will be activated.

The gas engine operators are calling for increased power output from their engines. More load means higher temperatures, pressures and tougher operation. This mostly ends in catastrophic engine damages due to detonation or pre-ignition.

As MOTORTECH has proven for years, detonation can be detected professionally with the DetCon2 or DetCon20. Single cylinder sensors constantly monitor the sound level of the combustion chamber. If detonation is detected the system will take steps to eliminate detonation immediately.

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