MOTORTECH MOT601 Single Cylinder Ignition System

MOTORTECH MOT601 Single Cylinder Ignition System
  • Applicable for single cylinder engines with different flywheel sizes
  • Self-powered electromagnetic system, no need for external power
  • High primary energy
  • Using crankshaft reference timing
  • High accuracy ignition timing
  • Two separate ignition timings (startup and nominal)
  • Safety shutdown input
  • Supplies panel power

The self-powered MOT601 is a capacitor discharge ignition system for use on spark-ignited, single cylinder gas engines with large flywheels. Closely mounted to the engineʼs flywheel, the electronic components are supplied with power by magnetic charging circuitry.

  • Price effective system and accessories
  • Mainly maintenance-free system due to non-moving parts that wear out
  • All components are available as spare parts and can be used with competitive systems