MOTORTECH MIC3+ Series Ignition Controller

MOTORTECH MIC3+ Series Ignition Controller
  • 10 to 32 VDC supply voltage
  • 6 / 12 ignition outputs
  • 250 VDC primary voltage
  • 300 mJ primary energy (500 mJ boost)
  • 0.1° crankshaft accuracy
  • Triggered by 1 or 2 pickups (magnetic, Hall effect or inductive / configurable)
  • Multiple timing control via: Speed curve/0-20 mA analog input/0-10 V analog input
  • Multiple energy control via MOST (MOTORTECH Output Stage Technology)
  • Programmable firing order
  • 1 multipurpose output (GPO)
  • 1 Auxiliary Synchronization Output (ASO) which can support a detonation control system (e.g. DetCon) or fuel injection pump controllers
  • Ignition release input
  • Go/NoGo output
  • Overspeed shutdown function
  • Access controlled

Efficiency-enhanced engines, stricter emission regulations,highly compressed mixtures, as well as the use of a great variety of gas types are putting even greater demands on the entire ignition system. Based on its already known MIC3 series, MOTORTECH provides a new enhanced version to customers to also fulfill these greater demands in the future.

With 300 mJ primary energy, the new MIC3+ series provides a reliable combustion on engines up to 12 cylinders even with weakest or fluctuating caloric values of the gas. Next to high variable ignition energy (MOST*) an accurate spark timing and diversified online diagnostics help to improve engine efficiency, spark plug life and availability of the equipment under the strictest emission regulations.