Triveni Special Purpose Turbines

Triveni Special Purpose Turbines

API 612 compliant steam turbines are available in the range 1.5MW to 30MW for various drive applications and power generation.

Data sheet

Gas type
Gas type
Natural gas
  • Variable Speed High Back Pressure Multi-Purpose Steam Turbines
  • Designed as per API 612 + Shell DEP with further customization capabilities. Can be offered as API 611 variants as well.
  • Very High Back pressure capability (up to 45 barg / 652 psig)
  • Common baseframe for turbine and API (677 /613) gear unit designed as per API RP 686
  • Suitable for installation in harsh outdoor environment with extremely low MDMT (-300C) and high ambient temperature of up to 500C
  • Instrumentation Suitable for both Safe and Hazardous area installation
  • Ex ‘d’ Electro Hydraulic Actuator
  • Ex ‘d’ SIL 3 rated Solenoid Valve
  • SIL 3 rated Emergency Stop Valve
  • Ex ‘ia’ instrumentation and Local Control Station
  • Skid Mounted Ex ‘ia’, Ex ‘d’, Ex e and Foundation Field Bus Instrumentation (IEC Ex / ATEX Certification)
  • Active Type Speed Probes for long distance connectivity
  • Valves and Piping designed as per Shell MESC (Material and Equipment Standards and Codes)
  • Prime mover in dual drive arrangement
  • Designed and built for service life of 30+ years
  • Designed and built for highly extended uninterrupted operation periods.
  • Removable Cover thermal insulation.
  • Complete Turbine designed with full compliance to Human Factor Engineering.
  • Top / Bottom Steam Entry and Exit options

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