MWM product line includes internal combustion engines and gas generators with electrical capacity ranging from 400 kWel to 5000 kWel. A power-plant with the output of up to 100 000 kWel or even higher can be installed using the MWM aggregates.


These gas engines are adjusted to different types of gas: natural, biogas, dumps, liquefied gas and other special gases (the minimum amount of methane (CH4)> 50%). They are designed for the highest electrical and thermal performance as well as to obtain low installation and service costs, and are characterized by high reliability. MWM products are one of the most efficient on the market - their efficiency reaches about 90%.



Efficiency. Reliability. Cost-effectiveness

German company MWM (“Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH”) produces ultra-modern, high-efficiency internal combustion engines and gas generators. For more than 140 years MWM is one of the most successful and most rated companies in its segment. It has designed a manufactured about 5 000 gas engines. The pioneer of the company is the inventor of the worldwide well-known German engines and cars – Karl Benz. He founded the company “Mechanische Werkstätte” in Mannheim in 1871, designed and produced the first gas-powered engine in 1880.


Certification ISO 9001