Energy Audit


During the audit we analyze the buildings, technological processes, energy equipment-related costs and resources. We provide the client with economically-reasoned solutions for saving energy resources and input. Energy audit report contains detailed description of characteristics of proposed solutions, required investments and potential savings.

The audit is conducted in accordance with the standard documents regulating international practices and procedures: “The methodology for the performance of energy, energy resources and water consumption audit in technological processes and equipment”, other laws of the Republic of Lithuania and the European standard LST EN 16247.



Professional advice on the project or complete preparation of the project can not only help you to take the most efficient solutions, but will also save you time and money. Before designing we analyze the situation, energy and heating needs and provide the most effective solutions.



We advise on all energy issues. Our specialists will provide information on the most advanced energy production methods, gas generators and other related equipment, project feasibility, they also advise on technical planning aspects and help you choose the best solution. One initial consultation with our specialists can help prevent errors related to planning, project preparation, technology and assessment of energy demand.

Attraction of Investments


If you want to develop energy projects or the projects related to renewable resources, and need to attract investments, use the help of our specialists. We evaluate expectations, advice on various investments and financing issues, perform financial diagnosis and analysis as well as help effectively attract investments to fund your business ideas from the European Union structural and other private funds. We can represent your interests during the preparation of documents, application and reports as well as the organization of the implementation of the project.


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