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MWM Gas Engines

MWM's product portfolio comprises gas engines and gensets in the output range from 400 kWel to 4,500 kWel. In this way, it is possible to set up power plants with an output of up to 100,000 kWel and more. 


German manufacturer "R. Schmitt Enertec GmbH" manufactures compact cogeneration power plants. Electric power of ENERGIN M-series gas engines ranges from 100 kWel to 500 kWel.       Up to 92 % overall efficiency. 



Cost-effective, reliable, clean and independent

Combined energy regeneration system generates the electricity and the heat emitted during the production processes is not lost but is also used, for example, to heat the air or water. It is far more efficient than conventional systems. The cogeneration power-plant can reach the performance of up to 92%, whileconventional systems reach only 40% of efficiency. 

Gas engines by MWM

Gas engines by MWM

German manufacturer MWM GmbH (Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH) has more than 140 years of experience in the development and optimization of products, services and technologies for decentralized energy supply. The portfolio covers gas engines run on a wide range of natural and non-natural gas. Power outputs between 400 and 4,500 KW


Gas engines by R. Schmitt Enertec

Gas engines by R. Schmitt Enertec

German manufacturer “R Schmitt Enertec GmbH” manufactures low-power cogeneration power-plants. Electric power of ENERGIN M-series gas engines ranges from 100 kWel to 500 kWel.

Original Spare Parts for Gas Engines

Original Spare Parts for Gas Engines

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